Best quality on the market

The result of experience applied to the best technologies, with the best raw materials.

The Orion Quality Management System was created by the need to maintain the perfect standardization of products, fulfilling all the manufacturing stages, according to the customer’s needs.

The Orion quality concept is associated with the perfect fulfillment of the technical specifications determined by the customer. This methodology is highly effective for full customer satisfaction, as it allows all of their specifications and needs to be distinguished and met.

For the optimization of this system, Orion relied mainly on factors such as: benefit, utility, practicality, deadline, delivery punctuality, payment terms, technical assistance, service and after-sales.

Orion also ensures control over outsourced processes and does not disclaim responsibility for compliance to all customer requirements. 

System Certifications

The certification of Management Systems attests to the compliance of the management model in relation to regulatory requirements. Based on the concepts of the Orion Quality Management System, the company sought the following certifications: 

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System 

Scope: Development, production and commercialization of Rubber Compound for Sheets,
Gloves and High Tension Sleeves and Rubberized Fabrics

Product Certifications

The product certifications of Insulating Gloves issued by the OCP (Product Certifying Body) are compulsory and were authorized based on Ordinance No. 486-2021 and the Conformity Assessment Regulation for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Its validity is conditioned to the maintenance of the certification with INMETRO.

Orion was the first company in Brazil to obtain Authorization to use the seal of conformity on the product Rubber Insulating Gloves, granted by the OCP (OCP – Product Certifying Agency).

It also obtained the Certificate of Approval (CA) for Insulating Gloves and Sleeves issued by the Ministry of Labor based on NR6 – a standard that regulates personal protective equipment and requires that all personal protective equipment, whether domestic or imported, be worn for sale or used with CA marking.





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