Orion was founded in the city of São Paulo, in a small warehouse on Rua Paula Souza, in the neighborhood of Luz, where it manufactured horn combs. Its founder, a German named Wild, sold his products door to door. Afterwards, the company started to manufacture busks and buttons.

In 1903 Orion was sold to Paulo Boehme who, in 1905, transferred it to Rua Joaquim Carlos, in the Brás district. Wild hired another German immigrant, Jorge Griesbach, as his “bookkeeper”, a role now known as contactor.

In 1910, Jorge Griesbach acquired the company and brought with him his brothers-in-law Francisco and Otto Frauendorf, who, in 1916, took control of the company.

During World War II, Orion welcomed many German immigrants of Jewish origin, who fled Europe because of persecution. He had a relevant participation in supplying the market with scarce products during the two World Wars. In addition, he survived and collaborated to alleviate the situation during the Crisis of 1929 and the Revolution of 1932.

With his growth, it was decisive in the supply of rubber parts necessary for the implementation of the main industrial segments in Brazil: Automotive, Steel, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Aeronautical.

At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the lack of machine and tool industries, Orion manufactured its own machines and tools necessary for the production of its parts. What kept it for many years as the best existing tool park in the country, essential to accelerate the implementation of the Brazilian automobile industry.

Orion is proud to have formed great collaborators, many of whom started their own companies and continue to sow this seed. Present from the beginning of industrialization in Brazil to the present day, we operate with the same principles that motivated our founders and inspire new and future generations.


Transforming rubber into solution.


Perpetuate as a reference in the knowledge of rubber processing.


• Respect for human beings and nature.
• Respect for justice and the legislation that governs the Nation.
• Respect for the markets in which we participate.
• Recognition of competence, knowledge and creativity.
• Respect for shareholders who believe in the value of each employee's work.
• Transparency in purposes, actions and results.
• Commitment to values, causes and people.



Founded on November 26, 1898, the company occupied a small facility on Rua Paula Souza, in the district of Luz, in São Paulo.


Initially, Orion's main activity was the production of ox horn combs and busks.


Orion is transferred to Rua Joaquim Carlos, 71, in the neighborhood of Brás, in São Paulo, where it remained until 1980.


Orion expands its facilities, due to its great growth.


Jorge Griesbach joins the company and invites his brothers-in-law Francisco and Otto Frauendorf to work in the company and they were admitted as solidary partners.


The Ebonite (hardened rubber) plant is inaugurated, the first in the sector in Latin America.


Orion stops manufacturing horn artifacts and increases the production of rubber artifacts. While Ebonite, starts to act decisively in the development of more advanced technology for the formulation and vulcanization of rubber.


With the implementation of the automobile industry in the country in the 50's, Orion begins to diversify its product line, aiming to serve this market by expanding its operations in this sector.


Starts the construction of the new headquarters of Orion, in São José dos Campos / São Paulo.


The company is transferred to a large industrial park in the Vale do Paraíba region, strategically located on the banks of the Presidente Dutra Highway, 135.1 km, in São José dos Campos / São Paulo.


Orion increases its production capacity, expanding its machinery and staff in all sectors.


Today, at 123 years old, Orion continues to make history. In 2022, the company underwent a repositioning of its brand, removing the name "rubber expert" from its logo and expanding its communication worldwide, focusing on its largest product line: insulators and their end consumers.



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