Benefits of Orion Rubber sheet

The rubber sheet is an important element, just as every construction structure has its important element so that in the end a satisfactory result can be obtained. 

The coating can be used both in aesthetics and for the question of the need of the environment. The applications of the rubber sheets are numerous and since it is a highly flexible product there is the ease of application of the rubber sheet for each environment, product or even floors.

Rubber sheets are laminated in rolls by continuous vulcanization with standardized measurements, with or without fiber/ply for reinforcement. They are applied in coatings, diaphragms manufacturing, joints, trims, conveyor belts, washers, covers, among others.

The thickness range of the rubber sheets are from 0.4 mm to 12.7 mm; width up to 2,000 mm and standard length of 20,000 mm, or in some specific cases up to 10,000 mm. Rubber sheets are produced in various colors and rubber compounds based on silicone, natural rubber, neoprene, SBR, EPDM and their blends, etc. and contains marking in all its length, ensuring reliability and safety.

See below the advantages of Orion rubber sheets:

  • Marking information on the halo of the product;
  • Manufactured under International Standards;
  • Manufacture in continuous vulcanization allowing higher lengths;
  • Suitable to various markets segments;
  • Wide distribution network;
  • Wide variety of compounds for all applications;
  • Manufactured in Brazil;
  • Technical support and training.

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